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    Catalyst West Coast 2011

    Back at Catalyst in 2011 we planned and hosted what we call an Art Of War. We brought in 4 teams from Southern California to battle it out over the common theme of Take Courage. Each team had to incorporate the theme and cardboard into their build but after that the sky was the limit. The Moniker team also built a rotating Catalyst logo on top of a branded 8’ pillar. Another successful Catalyst build

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    Montara Circle

    (Photo: Bobby Earle - http://bobbyearle.com)

    One of the best parts about our work is just being able to have a role in creating these awesome events. Recently we were able to work again with a non-profit group called Not For Sale. We previously worked with them on their annual awareness event called the Global Forum On Human Trafficking (http://www.monikerelements.com/post/1359568956/global-forum-on-human-trafficking). The Montara Circle was a lot different though. Rather than being open to anyone who wanted to learn how they can play in the Not For Sale movement, MC was about bringing together the top influencers in the Not For Sale circle for a one day event to create a sustainable way to fight trafficking in Peru. It was an amazing event to be a part of and to be able to watch ideas turn into tangible ways to fight trafficking. The Moniker team provided custom centerpieces, stage sign, large scale photo prints, outdoor sign, video interview backdrop as well as a live interactive art piece but Moniker designer Jon Allen.

  3. Photos: Bobby Earle - www.bobbyearle.com

  4. Photos: Bobby Earle - www.bobbyearle.com

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    Lumen 130

    (Photo: D. Park Photography www.dparkphotography.com)

    Lumen was really the first time that the Moniker Elements team ever worked an event. Of course at that time we were not even officially Moniker yet however we were able to add some really great experience design to the first Lumen event. This year we were asked again to bring some interactive design elements to the space and help create an atmosphere that engaged guests with the Lumen brand and helped to inspire their creativity. Can’t believe it’s been a year already!

  6. (Photos: D. Park Photography www.dparkphotography.com)

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    Freedom & Fashion: Behind-the-Scenes of the 2010 Freedom and Fashion Show


    There’s a lot of work that goes on during the day of a fashion show, A LOT of construction. After all, we can’t have a fashion show without some form of runway. Our friends, Moniker Elements, designed our runway and stage. We told them we wanted the color red in the fashion show because it…

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    Freedom And Fashion

    (Photo: Hannah Ghim)

    This last weekend Moniker had the opportunity to work with the team from Freedom And Fashion. They are an amazing organization that works to showcase retail brands that are not only designing and creating great clothes but are also using their brand to affect positive change in the world. Their annual fashion show not only gives these brands a platform to showcase their designs but it is also a major fundraising event for the Freedom and Fashion organization. This year was once again a huge success having sold out the show with more than a thousand guests. Moniker was able to help in the overall design of the event as well as build out a custom 2 piece runway and stage sign that displayed the Freedom and Fashion brand. 

    You can learn more about Freedom and Fashion @ www.freedomandfashion.com

  9. Photos from Freedom and Fashion

    Photographer - Hannah Ghim



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